Seeking investment?

Get your start-up pitch ready_ investor ready_ taken seriously_

Seeking investment?

Get your start-up pitch ready_ investor ready_ taken seriously_

Secure your next funding round with ease…

If you’re a start-up or business seeking investment but don’t feel confident with your logo, website or pitch deck, you’ve come to the right place.

In today's market, first impressions matter more than ever — Investors expect businesses to radiate professionalism, confidence, and innovation from the very first interaction. A lackluster logo or a subpar pitch deck can be the difference between securing funding or missing out on a game-changing opportunity.

We’ll overhaul your investor visuals to get people to actually take you seriously and help you secure your next funding round with ease.
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Are you confident in how your brand looks to investors?

  • Does your logo and marketing collateral stand out?
  • Does your pitch deck scream “we are professional”?
  • Is your website up to scratch with striking visuals and brand consistency?
  • Are all of your brand assets cohesive and make you look investment worthy?
If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the above, we should talk.
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How do you know if you’re ‘pitch ready’?

Besides oozing charisma with the ability to captivate a room of people (we can’t help you with that unforunately), you’ll need three key things to be top-notch to make sure you secure your next funding round with ease.

You have a logo that's been expertly crafted. One that gives you confidence to stand behind when you're in a room full of potential investors.

You have a professionally designed pitch deck that effectively communicates your business and it's objectives.

You have a beautfiully crafted one-page website that supports the story of your business.

Hi, I'm Clint Nielsen

Founder of Incept

For over two decades, I have dedicated my career to guiding founders and aspiring entrepreneurs in showcasing their brands globally. I have collaborated with hundreds of individuals, similar to yourself, across a diverse range of industries.

My expertise lies in preparing businesses of all sizes for investment opportunities and my portfolio includes work with a variety of companies, from Buderim Ginger and Linkly to international entities like Collecting Cars, with a notable highlight being my contribution to AfterPay.

At the core of my approach is the goal to encapsulate the unique essence of each brand through professional and innovative design. This methodology is designed to capture the attention of potential investors effectively.

With a deep understanding of what resonates in the market, I navigate the nuances of design excellence, ensuring that every brand stands out in today’s competitive landscape.

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Clint Nielsen

Clint set the creative direction and branding for AfterPay. The result has been fantastic - Clint turned the design around in great time and the work was exactly as briefed. It’s hard to find strategic creatives with an eye for design and detail. Will definitely be calling upon him again.”

Nick MolnarCo-Founder AfterPay

Design expertise only when you need it

Our plans are designed for dynamic start-ups that demand excellence without being bogged down by long-term hires. You gain the insights, creativity, and seasoned skills of senior designers, ensuring your brand’s visual narrative is not just crafted, but masterfully woven to tell your unique story.

This approach not only optimises your resources but also infuses your efforts with the kind of seasoned expertise that typically comes with a hefty price tag and a long-term contract.

No matter what stage of investment your start-up is in (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A or beyond) — we can make a huge difference in connecting your users and investors to your brand.

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We’ll help you revamp your visual identity

Whether it’s a ‘tweak’ or minor evolution to your existing logo, or a complete re-design — getting this part ‘right’ could make the difference between securing investment or not.

From crafting eye-catching logos to defining a cohesive design language, we’ll make sure your brand exudes professionalism and uniqueness.

A compelling pitch deck is your ticket to capturing investor interest

Everything from title pages, cover pages and table layouts — a powerful pitch deck is the sum of its parts. We’ll collaborate with you to create pitch materials that tell a captivating story, present data effectively, and highlight your competitive edge.

Your website is often the first point of contact

It needs to be optimised with investors in mind. Everything from placement of headlines, buttons and key calls to action need to be considered. We’ll build you a sleek and informative one-page investor website that showcases your brand, team, and achievements, leaving a lasting impression on potential investors.

Considered logo positioning with plenty of space
Clear menu system to encourage easy exploration of content
Prominent calls to action
Clear introductory copy — cut to the chase!
Limited choices to drive users to where YOU want them to go.
Considered imagery to allow messaging to be clear and uncluttered

Understanding your competitive landscape is vital

Does your visual identity stand out? Has your logo been played out and done before? We’ll conduct in-depth competitor analysis to help you identify areas where you can outshine your rivals and position your brand as the frontrunner.

Our commitment doesn’t end with your business securing investment

We offer ongoing support to help you maintain and grow your brand’s success, providing guidance and strategies to maximise your potential.

Your brand identity should stand the test of time

The initial investment might seem steep, but it will pay off in the long term. We expect you to get at least 4-5 years out of the work we do for your start-up.

How to get started

Choose one of our plans or book a call to have one specifically tailored to your unique needs.

We'll have a kick-off meeting to get started and outline the key pieces of the project that we'll be working on together.

We'll start designing the pieces you need to make you 'pitch ready'

We'll have multiple weekly check-ins to drive everything forward. You'll always be supported.

Some of our work

Clint is an exceptionally talented, creative professional who has helped us transform and strengthen our branding and communications. He has a rare gift for being able to understand a brief and translate it into visual work of the highest quality.

Deanne O'SheaFounder (PMG)

Design expertise only when you need it

Project based plan

For start-ups that know exactly what they need. Defined parameters and deliverables mean we can hit the ground running without the guesswork. No lock-in contracts or plans, just pure design delivery when you need it.


Monthly Plan

Experience the pinnacle of design flexibility. Our monthly plan offers you exactly that – a gateway to top-tier, senior-level design expertise without the weight of a long-term commitment. Imagine having an accomplished designer at your fingertips, ready to elevate your visual identity and branding to resonate with your audience and investors alike, all with the flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve.

We know what investors look for when it comes to professional and striking presentation decks and visuals. Not only that, we can tailor our design to your specific circumstances.

Each plan is customised to your unique needs and goals. Whether you know exactly what you need and want to set the boundaries or you'd prefer a month-on-month engagement until it's done. It's all up to you.

Focus on your business while we handle your brand's transformation. It's like having a full-time design team at a fraction of the cost and only when you need it.

Stand out in a crowded market with an unforgettable visual identity, presentation deck and website.

If you're no longer needing our support with a monthly plan, you can choose to end it at any time or simply switch to a project based plan instead*

*All monthly plans are subject to a 30 day notice period for cancellations.

Introductory Offer

The right plan for your start-up

We have a variety of options to suit all stages of investment from Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and beyond.
If you’re not sure, book a complimentary, no obligation phone call and we can help you get started.

Choose your plan 

Choose your plan 

Choose your plan 

Choose your plan 

Choose your plan 

Choose your plan 

Not sure what you need? Book a call and we’ll set you on the right track
  • Zero obligation to proceed
  • Book within minutes
  • Discuss what you think you need
  • Gain a perspective as to what you actually need
For ‘Pre-Seed’ start-ups and businesses that are seeking essential services
  • Bespoke
  • One-page website
  • Kick-off session
  • No lock-in contracts
$8,499/ MONTH
For start-ups in the ‘Seed’ stage of funding needing on-going monthly support and design flexibility without the long-term commitment
Everything in ‘Pre-Seed’ plan plus:
  • Weekly sync and strategy call
  • Post investment design support
  • Kick-off session
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Pause or cancel anytime**
FROM $12,999/ MONTH
For start-ups at ‘Series A’ stage looking to scale
Everything in ‘Seed’ plan plus:
  • Advanced website options
  • Brand strategy consultation
  • Kick-off session
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Pause or cancel anytime**

Our investor deck frameworks are all Founder Institute and Y-Combinator ‘ready’

Frequently asked questions

What does being 'pitch ready' actually look like?

  1. You have a logo that’s been expertly crafted. One that gives you confidence to stand behind when you’re in a room full of potential investors.
  2. You have a professionally designed pitch deck that effectively communicates your business and it’s objectives.
  3. You have a beautfiully crafted one-page website that supports the story of your business.

What happens if I sign up for one plan but need to change later?

You can upgrade (or downgrade) any time

*30 days notice required for our monthly plans

Will I get stuck in a contract?

No. You can cancel any time with no cancellation fees.

*30 days notice required for our monthly plan

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay monthly plans by credit card. We also accept payments by bank transfer. (You can also contact if you need to use a different method.)

How accessible are you for guidance and consultation?

We offer direct access via phone, email, or WhatsApp five days a week during standard business hours, ensuring prompt and convenient communication.

How can your engagement act as quality control for my brand?

We apply our expertise to ensure consistent quality across your brand’s assets, safeguarding its integrity and resonance.

Can I expect timely responses during emergencies or critical phases?

Yes, our commitment to you includes addressing urgent matters promptly, helping you navigate challenges seamlessly.

Is there a specific industry or size of business you specialise in working with?

Our expertise spans across industries and businesses of various sizes, offering customised solutions tailored to your specific needs.