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For all businesses great and small

Design guidance and creative consulting

Tailored design guidance giving you the confidence in your creative decisions


Ensure the highest quality creative communications for your business

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to making creative decisions for their marketing. Why not trust in an expert to help lead you through the design mine field?


Like having a ‘big picture thinker’ on speed-dial

With our drop-of-a-hat assistance, your can confidentently head into that board room presentation knowing your brand’s visual direction is sound.


Save time and money in running your business

We have experienced guidance in dealing with designers, developers, and brand collateral — we can assist you with streamlining your processes so you know where you stand with your team allowing you to be less hands-on.


Give you confidence in your own decisions

At the end of the day, you need to feel strong standing behind your forward-facing communications and we can guide you through the marketing mine-field.

At a glance

Priority Assistance

You’ll have direct access to Clint. He can be reached via phone call / email / WhatsApp to offer creative and strategic guidance whenever it’s needed.*

*5 days a week during standard AESDT business hours*

Video/Zoom Consultations

Meet with Clint when you need to via pre-scheduled video calls.*

*The number of meets is capped at 4 on the ‘Standard Plan’ and 6 on the ‘Premium Plan’ with a 1hour time cap per meet

Informative Creative Audits™

Review of your current brand and visual design assets and a high-level creative review of your current website user experience

Easy Cancellation

Once you’re on a clear path to success, you can choose to end your guidance package at any time*

*Subject to a one month notice period

Introductory Offer

Design guidance packages

  • We’ll review your current brand and visual design assets (up to 5 including PowerPoint/Keynote decks)
  • High-level review of your current website user experience
$1,499/ month
  • 2 hours each week dedicated to creative reviews and strategic guidance or to brainstorm ideas.*
  • On-going creative audit / design reviewsˆ
  • Cancel any time**
$2,499/ month
  • 5 hours each week dedicated to creative reviews and strategic guidance or to brainstorm ideas. This includes direct access via phone / email / WhatsApp*
  • 2 x monthly video calls and consultations to run through marketing plans, design systems, visual identity, pitch decks, marketing collateral, etc.
  • On-going creative audit / design reviewsˆ
  • Cancel any time**

Frequently Asked Questions

How accessible are you for guidance and consultation?

We offer direct access via phone, email, or WhatsApp five days a week during standard business hours, ensuring prompt and convenient communication.

What's the frequency of meetings included in your service?

We provide two meetings per month, each lasting up to an hour, either conducted through Meets, Teams or Zoom for flexibility.

*Only available in Premium Guidance package

How does your creative and strategic guidance enhance my brand's assets?

We infuse your brand with immersive experiences, captivating your audience and enhancing their satisfaction by strategically elevating your product’s appeal.

How can your engagement act as quality control for my brand?

We apply our expertise to ensure consistent quality across your brand’s assets, safeguarding its integrity and resonance.

Can you help streamline communication with designers and collateral development?

Absolutely, we leverage our extensive experience to minimise feedback loops and direct the creative process efficiently.

What role does your guidance play in building my confidence in decisions?

We empower you to make confident decisions by offering expert insights and strategy, allowing you to stand firmly behind your brand’s communications.

Can I expect timely responses during emergencies or critical phases?

Yes, our commitment to you includes addressing urgent matters promptly, helping you navigate challenges seamlessly.

Is there a specific industry or size of business you specialize in working with?

Our expertise spans across industries and businesses of various sizes, offering customised solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us for a personalised quote