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Briefing Form


Let’s build a brief for your photo shoot.

    Full name


    Project title

    Your intended budget

    Desired shoot date


    Shot list

    Please provide a list of specific shots or moments you want to be captured during the shoot. This can include poses, locations, props, or any other important details. The more specific you are, the better we can meet your expectations.

    Style and mood

    Let us know the overall style and mood you envision for the photos. This could be natural, candid, romantic, dramatic, or any other specific style you prefer. You can also share sample images or a mood board for reference.

    Reference imagery upload

    Wardrobe and styling

    Discuss any preferences or guidelines regarding clothing and styling for the shoot. Consider colours, outfits, accessories, or any specific requirements related to the concept or theme.

    Makeup and hair

    If applicable, provide details about the desired makeup and hairstyle for the shoot. If you require professional assistance, please let us know in advance.

    Location and props

    If there are specific locations or props you would like to incorporate into the shoot, please share your ideas. We can discuss the feasibility and availability of these elements.

    Timings and availability

    Confirm the start and end times of the shoot. Additionally, let us know if there are any time restrictions or important considerations we should be aware of.


    Discuss your requirements regarding the final deliverables. Specify the number of edited images you expect, the format (digital, prints, etc.), and any other relevant details.

    Additional notes

    If there are any other important details, preferences, or special requests that haven't been addressed, please include them here.

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    What’s this about?

    The purpose of this brief is to provide guidance and outline the expectations for the upcoming photoshoot. It will help ensure that we capture the desired images and meet your requirements. Please read through the brief carefully and let us know if you have any questions or specific requests.

    Please review this brief and provide your feedback or any necessary changes. We want to ensure that your photoshoot experience is enjoyable, and we’re able to capture the images that reflect your vision.

    We look forward to working with you!